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What should I do if my lights go out?

Check to see if any circuit breakers are tripped or if any fuse or the light bulb has blown and replace if necessary.


Why do my lights flicker in my house?

Central air conditioners or heat pumps may cause a noticeable dimming of the lights when they  start up. Lights may flicker or dim on startup of some appliances (eg dryer) or motor driven equipment. Check with your local power company for possible defects in the supply source.


Where are you located?

Flynn Electrical is located in the Wellington region.


What are your payment terms?

Your invoice will be payable by the 20th of the month following the completion of the work.


What type of residential work do you do?

Our electricians specialise in providing an exceptional service for all of their home’s electrical needs. We are experienced in family homes, new builds, apartments, townhouses, alarm installation and repair, general electrical repair and maintenance and working with you to develop your lighting and wiring plans.


How long have you been in business?

Flynn Electrical was founded five years ago. The founder, registered electrician Tim Flynn has over 13 years of experience in the electrical services.


Are your electricians qualified and registered?

Yes our electricians are either fully qualified and New Zealand registered or are apprentices. We are members of ECANZ Master Electricans

Do you do insurance work?

We will undertake various kinds of insurance work or insurance restoration work but payment is due from the home owner who should then recover it from their insurance company.


How much do quotes and estimates cost?

Our quotes and estimates are free.


Do you do work on rental properties?

Flynn Electrical has worked with property managers servicing and maintaining rental properties on their behalf.


Can you complete work the same day you provide estimate?

This greatly depends on the job. If it is a small electrical job  we may be able to complete it on the same day, but generally we will return at an appointed time once the estimate has been agreed.


Will my electrical repair project require an electrical building permit?

Most household service work will not require a permit. Larger projects such as room additions  and panel upgrades will require a permit and subsequent inspections. Failure to follow building codes could mean you will not be able to get a Code of Compliance when your project is complete.


How does a surge protector work?

Once the surge protector is in place, it will redirect surges to the ground and dissipate the energy. The surge protection selected must be UL rated on response time. A point to remember is that the greater the surge current rating, the longer the surge protector will last.


Can I supply my own light fittings?

We’re happy to install your light fittings or other parts providing they meet the current New Zealand electrical standards


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