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Burglar alarm installation

Burglar Alarms & Monitoring

A burglar alarm provides security and peace of mind.  We have a wide range of alarm systems designed to protect you and your family, your property, and your valuables. We understand that there are many choices available when it comes to selecting a burglar alarm a huge range of systems and equipment to choose from.

We take the time to talk to our clients about their requirements and advise them on the best system for their specifc needs as we understand choosing the best security and burglar alarm system for your home is an  important matter. 

A reliable security alarm along with well positioned sensors and/or sensor lighting is an effective deterrent against crime. 

When an intruder activates a burglar  alarm system, they rarely hang about to take anything away.  A visible, correctly marked alarm can deter a burglar from even considering your property.

We will work with you to determine the best kind of alarm and security system for your home and prepare a personalised proposal.  

  • If you are  building a new home we can design the security system in line with your plans ensuring you have the best system tailored to your building needs.  
  • If you are having an extension built, we can extend your current burglar alarm system with additional sensors and keypads.
  • If you have purchased a home without an alarm system we can retro fit one to suit your requirements.

Whether you need a fully monitored burglar alarm or one which can be programmed to dial your cellphone, whether your house alarm should be linked to smoke detectors and whether you need security cameras (which are becoming more popular) are all areas we can help you with.  And of course we can supply and install the alarm system for you.

We have a wide range of options available that have advanced technology and superior performance.

We also maintain and service existing alarm systems and do all electrical work required when installing the alarm.

If you have any questions or you’d like a free quote, please complete the form here or for a rapid response and professional service, talk to us today on mob 027 443 5966 or  04 972 8180.