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Burglar alarm installation

Alarm Installation

You want to know the things you worked hard for and the people you care about are safe - and no matter where you live or how good your neighbours are, you can't really rely on them to watch your home.  Police and Insurance companies agree that  one of the best ways to help prevent burgalries is to have a professionally installed burglar alarm or securty system.

Burglary is a  traumatic and distressing crime for the victims, friends and family and sadly is very common.  A property is burgled every eight minutes... Over 57,000 homes were burgled in New Zealand last year.

Whether you need to install a fully monitored burglar alarm or one which can be programmed to dial your cellphone, whether your house alarm should be linked to smoke detectors and whether you need security cameras (which are becoming more popular) are all areas we can help you with.  

And of course we can supply and install the alarm system for you. 

When we install your alarm you get:

  • an alarm controller with digital dialler
  • remotes for setting and unsetting  the alarm
  • passive infrared detectors
  • internal siren
  • standby backup battery
  • instruction manual
  • window stickers
  • full installation
  • warranty on materials - the length of the warranty may vary depending on the type of alarm